Doors and Portals

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This album can help you to tune into the spiritual energies that surround us and to sink deeper into the reality of who we are. As sound and energy are invisible, some music can lead us to the spiritual. Track 2 – 10 are all basically a cappella sung in a process of instant composition. These are recordings for meditation. Some of you may not be used to this kind of singing, take your time to get accustomed to it. Our aim was not to produce yet another well polished album. Music in its essence leads us towards harmony. It is a process that can bring us in contact with some aspects of disharmony that we need to transform.

Except for track one and eleven, we recorded all the tracks at The Ignatius Healing Center in Denmark, in december 2013. We tuned in to the different energy structures that are present there in a very powerful way. We meditated and got into a feeling contact with each other and with the energy we sang for. We were as open as possible in order to channel the feelings of these different energies. Our endeavour was to go beyond restrictions without falling into purely artistic extravagance.
It is not designed as background music.

The rest of the tracks – 2 to 10 – are sung a capella by Githa, Mette, Brice and Daniel and will be loaded up in the near future. For the moment they are available only as ‘plastic’ version on CD.

The experience of singing these instant compositions together was truly amazing. The energy of The Ignatius Healing Center of course was essential to this and so was the egoless blend we achieved in singing. May these tracks help you to get a deeper feeling contact to your higher self and to the wonderful energies that surround us. They are stronger than all the suffering and ready to help us whenever we ask.


released January 1, 2014

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